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Chapter 02-32 – The Third Game of the Main Round

It was two days after Alysia fought on the first game.  On the second game, she achieved victory even against a big guy from the Year 4 class A. If one were to ask with what method did Alysia win, right at the moment when the big guy came rushing in after the battle started and swung his sword down. While utilising her small figure well, she slid into her opponent’s feet, and released ice magic. The man’s feet slipped and he bent down, resulting in his defeat.

Today is the last day of the tournament. Alysia was standing in the centre of the arena, lining up together with the other seven participants who also had won and advanced. Including the large number of audience, everyone there concentrated their ears on the presenter. According to the announcement, it seems that the third and fourth game, also the final round was going to be held today.

By the way, it seems that in this world’s language, there word to represent ‘semifinal’ doesn’t exist. It doesn’t seem to apply only to the standard language of three countries that Alysia is using, but it seems to be the case for any language in this world.

”On today’s battle, the winner of the tournament will be decided! But first is the third game, and with this there will only be four participants remaining!!”

Just when the presenter managed to finish that sentence in one breath, large cheers which couldn’t even be compared to anything up until now rose from the audience. Is it because the final round is going to be held today that it seems a large number of audience even more than up until now has gathered.

“Because this is the third, there’s going to be a different rule. Being knocked unconscious, giving up, and being rendered immobile will still result in a loss which is the same but, in addition to that in the centre of the arena there are lines with the length of 60 thermes (15m), crossing the line means leaving the area and will result in a loss”

Alysia checked her surroundings. On the surface of the ground there were certainly thick lines drawn, making a square shape all together. The line that had been on Alysia’s mind since she arrived at the arena today turned out to have this purpose.

“Furthermore, even if you cross the line, it’s fine as long as your feet doesn’t touch the ground. The place which is now encircled by line from hereon will be recognised as the stage”

The who was releasing a deep breath looked at the audience and continued.

“Well then, from now on is the first match of the third game! Aside from the ones called, other participants please make their way off the stage. Over here on this side is, Year 1 Class S’s participant Alysia!! The one rumoured to be the winged Vampire!”

“…..So it was being rumoured…..”

Even though there was no such explanation up to now, Alysia sighed in her heart. Nadia and Ouras who was watching Alysia from afar seemed to be surprised as well after hearing that. Both of them turned their eyes to meet Alysia’s, and she understood that they were trying to say something.

And, there, Alysia’s and Ouras’ eyes met.

“Alya? Was the broadcast just now true!?”

“Awa, uuu, it’s just a rumour!”

Alysia answered while being flustered. Similarly with her age, she couldn’t possible tell them about the wings hidden on her back.

“Facing her is, Year 6 Class S’s participant Feida! On the battles up to now, he has shown us a splendid fencing performance!!”

Only Alysia and one other person, who seemed to be Feida whom the presenter announced, remained on the stage. The other participants were all standing outside of the arena and behind the boundary lines.

“It’s finally starting! The participants of the third round are these two!!”

The presenter took a deep breath.
The tension between the two who were facing each other were transmitted to every of the audience.


At the same time as the voice rang, Feida broke into a run. He pointed the sword in his right hand onto Alysia’s direction. The battle began with him filling the distance.

However, against Feida who came rushing in, Alysia began distancing herself with the same speed as though she wasn’t letting him come closer. She thought that against Feida who was known to be good at close range battle, fighting from long distance with magic would probably be for the best. What ought to be paid attention to was, the square shaped stage. On top of the square, being driven into a corner is basically the same as losing.

Feida came into a halt. Reacting to that, Alysia also stopped. To Alysia who was chanting her magic, an unexpected attack came flying.

“…..Wind Blade!”

No one knew when the chant was completed, it might have been a chantless magic instead. Feida clad his sword in wind magic, and swung it to Alysia’s direction.
What was fired was, an invisible blade of wind. It was slower than a sonic boom, but that speed was certainly in the realm of the speed of sound.

Alysia put up a magic barrier, surrounding herself. Judging that she wouldn’t make it with the speed of the magic power, she decided to supply the magic barrier with her divine power instead.


Large cracks were formed on the surface of the ground where Alysia’s magic barrier didn’t reach. Soon after that, she put off her magic barrier, and dashed towards Feida holding the katana in her right hand. By the way, it was fine for her to use the same teleportation magic she used on the first game here, but she didn’t want anymore weird rumors to spread around so she restrained herself.

That earlier attack showed that the enemy was also capable of long range attack. Because he was able to release and attack to this degree, Alysia believed that the enemy still probably have other long-range attacks on his sleeve. That being the reason, she decided to bring him into close range battle before she ends up receiving another unexpected attack.


The two of them received each other’s attacks with their weapons. Was it because Feida was able to skillfully allocate his power, his sword wasn’t blown away nor cracked.


*slash! *kiiin!!

The two weapons began exchanging blows just like that. If one side attacked, the other side would move their weapon to defend the attack. They couldn’t be careless even for a moment. Because an opening would result in a defeat.

And there, Alysia stopped her attack and hung her katana down on her back on purpose as if to show an opening. Feida stepped forward for one second in order to chase Alysia who had left the range of his sword. Although, that was a mistake. During the time, in a fraction of the one second when Feida stepped forward. It was enough for Alysia.

Feida’s sword which was coming down once again stroke a direct hit on Alysia’s katana. In that instant, a light flashed between the blades of the two. Basically, Alysia managed to clad her katana in thunder magic using chantless invocation. The electric current wasn’t so strong that it could shock someone, but it was enough to weaken the enemy’s movement.


“Uwoo!? Huh… My body…?”

Feidan staggered for a moment and tried to re-balance his posture immediately. However, it was plain to see that his movement has become dull. It was natural that they wouldn’t be able to fight fair and square even if they started exchanging blows again after that.

*kiiin!! clang….!

At the end of the exchanged two, no, three blows, Alysia managed to push the back of her katana against Feida’s chest. Alysia shivered thinking what if she had pushed the sharp part of the blade instead.

Towards Feida who had moved was about to return to the back, Alysia cast him a glance as if to raise a complain.

“Uh………. Fine, I got it. It’s my loss, isn’t it”

“…….!? Somehow it seems that the match is over! The victor is…………… Alysia-san!!”

The sound of clapping and cheering resounded in the arena like a broken piece. Everyone, really everyone in the audience were surprised at Alysia who won a battle against an upperclassmen.

This is only the third game, the battles from the other two games still remain. The game has only just begun.

TL Note:
These few chapters have been about battles bakari. It was quite confusing to translate. Please comment if you notice any mistakes.




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