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02-27 – Scramble in the fan club

TL: Thatguywhosthere

Alysia walked along a hallway on the third day until the martial arts tournament, walking on the other side came a youth who suddenly talked.

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 “…Uh, are you Alysia?”
“It is. What’s your business? In the case it’s a challenge to fight, it’ll be declined immediately.”
“No, it’s not…”

When he said so, the man suddenly fell silent. Alysia stopped with the intention of saying words and thinking, while waiting for following words.

In the space of several moments, that man began to talk.

“Ah, uh…Alysia, I’ve always…su, su-…”
“…Ahh. Yes-yes, I understand.”

Alysia could guess the contents from the trembling words, and instantly got the better of her words. It was because she thought the words she heard were a serious thing. Whether it was a misunderstanding, the man looked very happy.

“Is, is that so…! Thank you for…”
“It’s different since there’s not a chance.”

In some respects, the man had a grand misunderstanding. When Alysia leaked out a sigh of amazement at that state, she turned her eyes to the opposite side of the hallway.
Approximately four people were approaching, judging from the sound of running in the hallway.

“Ah-! This fellow…is stealing a march on us!” (tl; definition)
“That is against the rules of the fan club!”
“…! What?”

As soon as the figure of the man was judged to be with Alysia, the five-man group came running from the other side of the hallway and raised their voices. While the rules of the fan club were wasn’t known, it was easy to imagine the approaching ban of coming near to Alysia.

“You! What did you do to Alysia!?”
“Ah, no, I did nothing…”
“…Is that not a lie?”
“Oh my God, this is terrible…”

This thing was concerning Alysia, but the person in question was completely out of the loop. That murmur also vanished into thin air without anyone to hear.

Getting involved with trouble, Alysia tried to immediately leave that place. After a moment, worry that she may be chased down crossed her mind, but that worry also instantly cleared up.

“Did you confess? Was it really a confession!?”
“N, no, so it’s different…!”
“My patience is burning away!”

Much too absorbed in talking, they truly had no clue that Alysia was going to leave.
Suppressing the feeling of the weight of the speech’s contents to the fullest, Alysia left from that place.

Inside the hall where the magic inspection was performed on the day of the entrance. Alysia stood along with all the other students participating in the martial arts tournament. Speaking of why, it’s because the future martial arts tournament’s rules were going to be explained. Everyone stood in this place directed their gaze to the teacher in front.

“Alright, is it fine? After this, the martial arts tournament’s rules will be explained, before that, I have to convey something. Now some people below the third grade have received a letter of recommendation to participate in the tournament.”

When the teacher said so, every student became noisily began to speak. The subjects of talk were, of course, which students received a letter of recommendation.

And at the same time, other students, in one to two minutes took notice of Alysia’s short height and poured their eyes onto her. In cases such as this she purposely chose the back right-most end of the queue, but it didn’t have much significance.

Alysia saw a face something in the students whose attention was drawn to her. Dog ears over the head of slightly dark, light-brown hair and the rather thin frame of a man.
Understanding who it was, Alysia breathed out a deep sigh. It was worrying whether her happiness would escape tomorrow from her second sigh today.

“…Why is that Will…” (ウェルム)
“Oh…? Did she notice?”

Will’s words perfectly reached Alysia’s ears. It’s because sharp five senses were also included in a vampire’s high bodily ability of course. …Actually, the『Sixth sense』which senses magic was also excellent.

Alysia accordingly decided to try to convey words to Will using telepathic magic. From the other side she conveyed specific words.

–Why are you here?
–Uo-!? Sudden telepathy…is surprising. …That is, oh, I’m the head of the fourth grade?
–That wouldn’t be just yourself saying that…
–I’m good at it. Well, the tournament…

Alysia cut the telepathy magic conversation immediately. It’s because the teacher had began speaking his explanation.

“Well, I dare say this is scandalous conduct. Then everyone, pay attention to this paper!”

Everyone, including Alysia, received those words and paid attention in the direction of the paper.
Four circles were drawn on the lower part of the paper. On top of that, the tournament table was also divided into thirty-two lines.

“Everyone in this place will be divided into four groups at random as the first preliminary fight. The remaining eight people from each grouping will advance to the tournament. Is it simple? Because this year’s participants are two hundred and forty people, a preliminary group will have fifty-one people. Questions at this point?”

When the teacher said so, several students raised their hands. The teacher pointed at students in turn.

“Is use of magic alright?”
“Oh, it the same even in the case of other weapons, but if there’s no murder, it’s alright.”
“How will the schedule be?”
“March 1st and 2nd is the preliminary, and then the competition will last until the 6th.


Almost all the students’ questions ended too generally, the teacher just did not come out with an explanation to the questions. It was a secret that Alysia thought it would be better if he explained it from the beginning.


p class=”western”>Afternoon at nine, after all the explanations finished, Alysia went to the restaurant in the school building so that public notice may be avoided. To avoid public notice intentionally may be because she had become sensitive to the matter about the fan club a short while ago.

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