02-23 – Jump landing

TL: Thatguywhosthere

Alysia had finished filling out the whole form, at last, Rish had woken up and woke Claire, together with Fian and Sheriana. Today is the second day of the holiday, tomorrow are lessons, so returning to the academy is a must. Furthermore, Alysia had to send Rish to the castle, in addition, it was necessary to speak to the King about the issue of the attack a bit more. It was only the second day of the holiday and it was possible to say adverse effects had come to the Imperial capital, the first day had become a considerably busy day.

“Then, I’m off to send Rish to the castle.”
“In the mean time, like yesterday, we will look at the town centre.”

Claire said. While touring the city and going around, hair ornaments imitating feathers were put on.

“Oh well. Then, I’m going! Sorry for leaving you out.”
(tl; 行ってくる, “I’m off!”, or “I’m going”, which sounds better?)
“No, is it not okay? Aria is always with us.”
“…Thank you.”

Ashamed, Alysia said, took Rish’s hand and walked to the castle just as it was while facing diagonally downwards. It seemed to appear in her imagination that her pace was slightly hurried–

Alysia spoke to the gatekeeping soldier in front of the castle gate.

“Well, I have come to send the Princess home.”
“I’m home!”
“…!? Oh, oh yes, which reminds me. I’ve heard talk. Princess Rish and Alysia had come to arrive.”

In the act of speaking to the gatekeeping soldier, he was surprised, but when that one girl was leading 『Princess』Rish by the hand, then it also seemed not unreasonable. The area was surveyed, but the soldier who tried to stab Alysia yesterday wasn’t found in the about ten soldiers positioned around the gate.

Like yesterday, the door to the King’s room was pushed open with two fingers. That situation also seemed to be astonishing to Rish. Opening the door in a hurry, she greeted in a loud voice.

“King, good morning!”
“Father, I’m home!”
“Fo!? Opening the door all of a sudden it’s surprising…”

The King’s face was slightly drowsy because it was still early morning. However, Alysia and Rish immediately went as far as visiting the King, without appearing to care about it.

“The matter we talked about, what happened in the end?”
“I slept with Alysia yesterday!”
“Ah, oh…can the both of you calm down? I will go speak in order.”

Rish temporarily returned to her own room, and Alysia was shown to the room neighbouring the King’s where she was also let through yesterday. Like yesterday, her aim was instantly revealed when she entered the room, but she seemed not to say that a poison was included separately this time. (tl; bad intentions?)

“…And, what happened?”
“That, well…one excellent minister called Solh (ソルフ), the matter of you refusing my request was unintentionally lèse-majesté, seemed to be the origin, and the proposition of lynching was passed. I could say…have to say, regardless of social status, that eccentric fellow treated everybody he came into contact with equally, I was quite pleased with it…”

For Alysia, who inquired about that, not understanding whether it was something due to anger, but she narrowed her eyes, and brought about a coercive atmosphere.

“Is that so…where is that Solh?”
“Solh, well, his current whereabouts haven’t been discovered any more. There is a considerable rumour, collecting a body of thieves around this area from before, stealing gold, but whether it is true or not, I do not know.”
“…In that case, shouldn’t I go to the guild and accept the request to knock down every thief one by one, and make the boss vomit. I’ll also be helping others.” (tl; such a bloodthirsty vampire. GET IT? AHAHAHAHAHAH)
“Saying such a thing easily…”

The not usual anymore Alysia was shocking. Carelessly growing accustomed, Alysia continued the talk without change.

“It’s about time I go. I have three people waiting. Yesterday, we didn’t go together, I’ll likely be in the mercy of a shopping spree.”
“Foffo…well, you’re out of luck.”
“Then, sometime again. If I come to the Imperial capital, I’ll visit.”

Alysia turned her back to the King who laughed, and walked to a window in the corner of the room, energetically opening a window. And—

“Hmm. …! What is being down!?”

—A body was thrown out in the air.

“What is it…jumping from the window is faster, is it not!”
“By what, TOoo!?”

The King’s body stuck his body out of the window and looked below, Alysia proceeded to fall to the ground on her back. The two people’s eyes cross.

“I’ll come…with”

Haha! (KAKA)


Alysia, who landed on the ground safely, walked to the town centre while waving her hand to the King. The King who was showing his nose from the castle’s window had an expression which could only be called astonishment.

“…Truly bad for the heart…”

The murmur of the King died away without being heard by someone.

Among the town centre seemed to be the most famous restaurant, and there were several tables and chairs prepared on the road,  a place where you could have a meal while seeing the Imperial capital’s lively state. Conspicuously attracting the notice of the customers on surrounding tables, without any other, would be a trio of girls concurrently ordering many desserts. On top of the desk lined up many fruits and pastries resembling sweets, everything was unique.

“This is delicious! Shall we ask for another?”
“Then this, I also want mole juice!”
“Ah, I also want it. I’ll ask for two.”

A silhouette was approaching the three such people…

“You…what are you doing?”
“Ah, Aria? Let’s eat together!”
“Look, this is delicious.”

Claire, who said so, thrust a cake into Alysia’s mouth. A little more small pieces were cut and largish pieces were put in her mouth, Alysia was unable to speak.

“Look, this fruit is also good!”
“Ah, Alysia? Are you alright?”
“Gumuu-! (Useless-!)”

After that, Alysia who somehow gulped down the cake, fruit and other things drank water in large quantities to restore herself, and together with three, consumed the left-over sweets.

After having gone out of the restaurant, a bookstore with magic and sorcery articles were seen to pass the time, occasionally shopping at an accessories shop, Alysia could also considerable enjoy a full holiday. Currently outside the Imperial capital, she had come to the eastern grasslands.

“Then, is everybody prepared? Didn’t lose the papers with magic circles?”
“Yes, it’s alright.”
“It’s okay anytime!”
“In that case, start supplying mana.”

The four people soared to the sky at the same time as Alysia said so, flying away to the direction of the academy at high speed.

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