02-20 – New battle

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Now it’s February 1. Four days had already passed since first grade began and selected subjects. Because it’s a two-day holiday from this day, the school town, in other words, the market inside school was flooded with many students spending their holiday in the morning.

It’s unusual for a person to be missing in such a crowd of people, in an awfully close group of people, she was walking. Three people connected their hands, it’s the shape where the remaining one person was pulled by the hand.

“Cho! Don’t pull!”
“Come on, Aria! Look, a clothing store is this way!”

First, the girl walking on the left-hand side was very young, though felt dignifying, with characteristic red hair and long ears.
Walking in the centre, with brown hair and lovely cat ears which sometimes moved left and right, was also a girl.
Pulling ahead on the right-hand side, was a lively girl with bunched-up golden hair which reached the middle of her back.
On the other hand, a girl with lengthy black hair, that reached her waist and fluttered in the wind, carried a thick book and a strangely-shaped rod.

…It goes without saying. It was Claire, Fian, Sheriana, and Alysia, from the right.

Thinking about the four people whom have come to the school district early in the morning, Alysia had suddenly played dress-up doll. A wide range of dress-ups, from little accessories to clothes.

“I like these clothes! Aria is adorable!”
“It’s very suitable.”
“Uuu…it’s embarrassing, stop it already…”

Now, Alysia was completely wearing a casual black dress -the back portion was covered by her hair -there was also a crimson dress with various ornaments. As for her clothes, they seemed to be called Gothic and Lolita. Of course, the showering of calling her clothes cute ground and reduced Alysia’s soul. Alysia’s mind and body were already exhausted.

“Shop assistance, we’re buying these!”
“Well! Don’t talk as you please…!”

As mentioned earlier, the two clothes she was wearing before, also a new brooch, and two ribbons to decorate her hair, were bought. Of course, the money was Alysia’s responsibility.

After noon, the four people came back to the dormitory, and chatted about petty things after they had lunch. For some reason, Alysia was immediately restrained by the three when they entered the dormitory room, and was forced to change into clothes full of red, a scarlet dress embroidered with a dark red brooch on her chest and her hair was brought together with two red ribbons.

The subject of the four people’s chatting was, of course, concerning Alysia’s clothes, Claire began to suddenly talk here.

“…Looks right to me!”
“How is it, Claire?”
“I think I’ll go to school for seven years, but only going out to town for a few exceptions.”
“It’s certainly…”

The other three, in relation to this matter, thought over this. One month of holiday, in other words, twenty-four days in total, were in May, October, and Pentadecember. If they go to town, it’s only around that.
(tl; 15th month? just name it after a 15 sided polygon, pentadecagon)

“Then, I’ll go to the Imperial capital with everyone in May!”
“No, you don’t need to wait to that extent. As long as Demon King Aria is here.”
“What’s the Demon King, what Demon King…”

Alysia obtained the title of Demon King.

“It would be quicker when flying in the air. You can even go now.”
“Alright, let’s go Aria!”
“Er…well, I wonder.”

It’s because it was remembered that there was business in the Imperial capital that Alysia decided to go to the Imperial capital here. She wanted to speak to the King about the matter of the attack.

“If you’re going to the Imperial capital…umm…where is it located?”

Alysia began to turn over a page of her grimoire, “The Grimoire of Alysia”, placed it on a desk and seemed to begin searching for something. Since it was all written in English, the three looking from behind could hardly understand it.

“What’s it written as?”
“It isn’t understood at all…”
“Ah, this is it!”

Saying so, Alysia took out four papers with magic circles drawn on. Leaving one for herself, she distributed it to the three.

“When you supply this with magic, you can fly in the air. Keep them in your pocket.”
“As for this, it’s technology from two-hundred years later.”

The four went towards the Imperial capital with Alysia’s flight magic. It’s a distance which normally took one day by carriage, but with Alysia’s flight magic, they would be able to arrive in just one and a half hours. This direction, far ahead in the prairie west of the school was where Alysia encountered that big wild boar. By the way, including Alysia, these four never went to the Imperial capital before.

The Irukusu Kingdom’s Imperial capital, the royal castle towered in the centre, surrounding it, the aristocrat’s residential area, in addition, the general area had many people living there.
There, going through three districts was the town centre, with a width of not less than forty Thermes (10 m), and lining in rows with extreme liveliness were street stalls, inns, and the like.

In the area of the town centre of the Imperial capital, four people restlessly looked around while walking with great interest. Though it wasn’t a long holiday, how long was it when a student last came to the Imperial capital?
(tl; I don’t like these sentences, that end with a full stop, but has a question word in them)

“I’ll look at that store!
“Ah, me too!”
“It was good to come. Thank you in advance for next week, Aria.”

Alysia’s disturbed expression was different to other three who seemed to be fun. Speaking of the reason, it’s because she came in the clothes that had been put on by the three. The gazes around were rather painful.

“…Because, I’ll go and meet the King for now. Everybody wait a moment.”
“Eh, you are sly. Only Aria…”
“It can’t be helped. There are also circumstances with Aria, it seems…”
“Well then, I’m off!”

And then, Alysia saw off the three going towards the royal castle. Everything is for the sake of solving the problem of the attack.

Fian, Sheriana, and Claire in the unknown, and curtains of the battle of one Alysia were raised.


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