02-18 – Fencing course

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After Alysia had finished the research course, she went, by herself, to the arena where fencing and magic practice took place. Now she wanted to fencing instead of magic and sorcery.

Although the time she arrived was a little bit early, the teacher was already in the corner, tending to his weapon. With everything, it seemed scenic. That in addition to the teacher, the students with weapons were visibly sparkling. She heard that you could rent out a sword from talk, but Alysia wanted to own a sword as soon as possible.

While thinking whether she should buy one from the store or order one, the teacher put his weapon in place, and stood before everyone.

“Atten-hut! Now, the fencing course class will begin!”
“HEY! It’s “thank you”! Once again! Now, the fencing course class will begin!”
“…Thank you!”

The students, though all their spirits were overwhelmed by the teacher, returned the salute. Alysia had the impression that she would not like this teacher.

“Good! Then I will explain the basic kinds of swords! Alright?”
“HEY! If asked, answer with “yes”!”

…These classes may be very serious ones, and Alysia felt a worrisome feeling. It seemed that other students had an identical feeling, some of them had a disagreeable face.

However, the teacher didn’t care about it – or possible didn’t notice – and continued.

“Call me Mr Berg! Then, I’ll see you first!”
“Yes, Mr Berg!”

The teacher takes several swords that he was tending to in the lesson. When looking, the respective lengths and widths were different.

“These are the swords I recommend right now. There is a normal sword, dagger, and the like. Come here and look.”

Receiving the words, the students got close to Mr Berg. When it came to swords, it seemed that the teacher settles down and becomes serious. Alysia also being urged, she directed her gaze to the swords.”

“First, this is an ordinary sword, and a dagger, which is adaptable. The small swords on this shelf are for piercing. Because the large swords are heavy, it’s difficult to handle…from what I already know with handling. The person getting a sword doesn’t need to use a sword from the school’s supply.”

So it was decided that Alysia would make an order for a normal sword. She decided that the reason that she wouldn’t be able to wield it properly would be said to other people. However, Alysia also had a certain reason in choosing a normal sword.

“If you decided, go to the armoury under the arena to get one. There are stairs there.”

More than half of the students surged into the stairs to the armoury at the same time Mr Berg finished saying so. Because it wasn’t only Alysia with these circumstances, she was relieved.

There were yells from the stairs inside the underground armoury, it echoed and was even heard on the ground.

“Oi! I’ll take that sword…”
“Because they’re from the school, aren’t they all the same!?”
“Be quiet you! AAA!”

The last voice was Mr Berg, who came down the stairs. Waiting for a while until the noise settled, Alysia lately entered the armoury.

“…Mr Berg, where is a normal sword?”
“Oh? The normal sword is a step up the middle of the right shelf…it’s gone?”

However, Alysia had hardened while staring at Mr Berg’s back. And with a dubious expression, the teacher focused on her face.

“Teacher, it’s over there…!”

When said by Alysia, Mr Berg faces his rear. When he understood what she had shown, he started explaining with a serious expression.

“That seems to be a weapon, the katana, a certain traveler had…one hundred years ago. Since it’s used to cutting, it’s a normal sword, but it’s said you need a special technique to handle it well…I tried it out, but I could not cut with this…I wonder why?”
“That’s because to handle the katana, just swinging it is not enough, push and pull is important. With this method, even iron can be cut and torn with just the power of a human. Ask anyone who knows the weapon’s technique…although I haven’t used it.”

Alysia said and smiled, touching the sword. The black sheath shone, and a deep crimson and jet black string coiled around it. The blade, which look separate from the sheath, had shone to the extent where you would not think it was one hundred years old.

For more information concerning the sword, she would probably ask the teacher about it. Alysia took the sword and carried it on her right-hand side.

“…It’s decided, I’ll use this sword.”
“…Oh, oh, the guy who can use the sword isn’t available – just show me you will absolutely master it?”
“Of course.”

It was possible to get the weapon Alysia wanted this way. She was very happy, because she could omit the trouble to obtaining a weapon by herself.

When they came out of the underground armoury, the teacher began to distribute simple armour from a basket to each student. There seemed to be a person who felt a “bad feeling” at this point in time, as expected, because the entire class would fight at the same time, to roughly see their abilities and whether their abilities were right. By the way, those who could not fight yet, sat as the audience in advance.

“The preparations are good, AA!”

The scream of the teacher arrived to the opposite side of the arena, and rebounded. With everyone’s state verified, the teacher signaled with full power.

“Then, everyone! Let the game commence!”

Simultaneously with that, students, including Alysia, started to run.

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