02-15 – Subject selection

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“C’mon guys, you’re often late for class, is there any reason why?”
“…There are various things.”

The four were late to class and had immediately been reprimanded by Mr Fizz. Only four seats were vacant if you looked.

“And Alysia, I feel like you’re completely different than the day before…oh, well have you decided your subjects? These three here already handed it in.”
“Well…not yet.”

As expected of the teacher of the S class, he noticed the difference in Alysia. But instead, Alysia returned to the concern of selecting her subjects.

“For now, hurry and select the subjects in this paper.”
“I see.”

Following the three who sat down first, Alysia also sat down with the paper from Mr Fizz.
If you took a look at the sheet of paper, what was written down was interesting, and the variety of subjects was fascinating. There was complete (all elements) magic and sorcery, and weapon fighting, such as fencing, spear-fighting and even taijutsu, too. Alysia put a tick for her selected subjects, which was complete magic and sorcery, combat practice, fencing and a magic and sorcery research (course), and handed it in to the teacher.

“This is…a little too much?”
“Probably, but I’m sure I’ll manage.”
“…That’s good.”

Saying so, Mr Fizz put the paper on her desk. All of the various subjects, other than fencing, seemed considerable easy for Alysia.

The time for lunch passed. Because, from now on, there was class for your selected subjects, you couldn’t afford to eat lunch in a different location.

So the four, including Alysia, had lunch on the fifth floor of the school in the dining room. Claire, who stopped having her meal, to Alysia, who was eating a meat dish using this country’s peculiar knife and fork.

“Alysia, what subjects did you choose?”
“Er…complete magic and witchcraft, swordplay, combat practice and a magic and sorcery research.”
“It’s a little too much…”

Same as Mr Fizz, Claire worried about the amount of the subjects Alysia had taken. When an excessive amount of subjects are taken, there was a possibility that the student would become negligent.

“The guiding principle of this school is to do things of interest and expand your curiosity, wasn’t it? I’m good at magic and sorcery and combat practice, and am also interested in swordplay and research. I wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t a reason.”
“But it is…”
“It’s a good thing to do many things…”

Alysia amazed Claire and Fian as usual. Her real intention was not to amaze them, because in truth – it was normal.

“As for me, I chose water and wind magic, combat practice and research. Even if there is a lot of magic, at most, only three are chosen.”

It was Sheriana who said that. As well as another person who pointed that he didn’t take much.

“Me too, I take nothing but fire magic.”

Somehow, Alysia was feeling apologetic. However, many of the subjects were taken by the other three, so they would spend more time with each other.

After finishing lunch and their discussion, Alysia went to combat practice. By chance, all four had taken it.
Unlike the mandatory subjects they had learned so far, this lesson was the first chance they had to use magic. Naturally, the four went to class with high expectations in their chest.


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