02-09 – Bloodsucking act

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Four people surround a desk in the living room and chatted. Fian seemed to already be on good terms with Sheriana and Claire. Sheriana plops her body on to the desk and makes an announcement.

“A suggestion! When you introduce yourself to others, you shouldn’t keep secrets, is that right? We should at least show each other our school IDs!”

Her tied-up hair vigorously shakes left and right. Usually, Sheriana is calm, but with her friends, she is fun and exciting. Adjusting her gaze, she looks to see the reactions of this proposal.

“Oh, for me…”
“That’s fine.”
“I’ll do it, it seems interesting.”

The first reaction was from Alysia, but the other two’s pleasant reactions masked her’s. It’s because there were many secrets she would like to keep that she didn’t answer positively. Despite that, Sheriana rushed and began her self-introduction right away.

“You three decide who’s next. First is me…*cough*, my name is Sheriana Rain and I am twelve years old. As for my race, I am a vampire and am in the S class. My magic power is 731 and am from the Irukusu Kingdom. Next will be Fian, ok?”

Alysia remembers Mr Fizz’s words at the time of the magic inspection. There was another vampire there who had 700 magic power, perhaps it was Sheriana.

Fian was in a worried state, but since she was going next, she began to immediately speak.

“Me?…umm, my name is Fian Elma Enlais, ten years old. My race is Cat Person. I am in the S class and my magic power is 515, and I come from the Mearu Empire. Is it OK if Claire’s next?”
“Huh? Ten years old?”

Called Alysia. Only those between the ages of twelve and seventeen can enter this school.

“Yes, my father who is a Cat Person had fairly strong magic when he was ten, so I asked the headmaster. According to mother, I descended from Youkai in the Far East, that may be why.”

The words “Far East” and “Youkai” makes the heads of Sheriana and Alysia tilt. Their interest is growing, it’s a place they would like to visit.

“Can I speak? I am Claire Frail. I’m twelve years old and am an elf. As for my magic power, it’s 783, and like everyone else, I am in the S class.”

It was an introduction no different from the others, but as Claire finished, her expression darkened.

“To tell you the truth…I am a princess in an elf village from the Irukusu Kingdom.”
“Am a what!?”
“You were really!”

Alysia and Sheriana gave out voices of surprise, but Fian became tense.

Why is an elf princess at this school? Fian and Alysia thought.

“I can’t lie when everyone is telling the truth, so…excuse me…”
“It’s fine, even if we know, nothing will change.”

It was Sheriana who said that to Claire, who seemed sorry and apologised.
Those words encouraged Alysia, who was going to introduce herself next.

“So, therefore, you don’t have to think differently, it’s not necessary!”
“Alright…next is Alysia, please!”

Whether it was Sheriana who resolved it herself or not, Claire abruptly passed over the talking to Alysia.
She readied herself.

“I understand.”

Although it’s good to know, it was as good as not knowing other’s circumstances. Fian revealed her true age and Claire revealed her true identity. Could she really tell a lie to them?

When thinking about this, it was, of course, not possible. It’s possible to tell the truth if possible, for her future, she felt like it was something important.

Through the words of Sheriana, Claire nudges Alysia’s back. At the very least, she would tell the truth about her magic power.

“As for me, I’m Alysia Latrommia. My middle name, Mel, is an abbreviation of Melvina. I’m twelve years old…and am a vampire. I am also in the S class and my magic power amounts of 7 500.”

Claire’s mouth was stunned at Alysia’s words. Thinking she misheard, she asked Alysia immediately.

“Your magic is seven hundred and fifty…?”
“It’s seven thousand five hundred.”
“…Seven hundred and fifty?”
“Seven thousand five hundred.”

Knowing it was a mistake in her hearing, Claire was once again surprised and let out a breath of admiration. This was because this was the amount of magic and long-lived species living for tens of hundreds of years would have. It was also the age of Alysia.
(I guess the subspace training lasted for 7000 years, maybe?)

-GATA! (unsure what this is)
“…No way, Alysia had some kind of reincarnation, don’t you think!?”
“Eh, just…EH?”

Fian who was calm until now, rises up from the chair with no doubt. Because of her childishness, she didn’t doubt this. In a sense, she correctly guessed Alysia’s secret, making her considerably confused.

“That’s not…you know-“

She desperately tried to prove her wrong, but was cut off by Sheriana who had no reaction until now. The sight of Alysia had become dyed in gold. But if you noticed, it was the hair of Sheriana, who had hugged Alysia.

“Amazing, it’s ten times more than mine! …Do you…also have wings?”
“Well…I’m wingless.”

Alysia had become confused at the praise from Sheriana. In was wonderful that instead of being disliked, she was praised.

“…Can I drink a bit of your blood?”
“Huh? What?”
“I would like your blood.”

In fact, the more magic power a person has, the high quality their blood. Moreover, since it leads to obtaining stronger magic, Sheriana did not want miss this opportunity.

Come to think of it, Sheriana was also at the age where you would experience your first urge to drink blood. Alysia could feel her breathing as she got closer.

Sheriana’s right and left hand was on Alysia’s, whose body was of the same physique, to try to suppress her.
Strangely, her mind and body didn’t resist

“Can I suck some?”
“Please do.”

Her face moved aside to the front of Alysia’s neck and her canines were lightlly applied to her skin. Sheriana was checked by Alysia, but it was fine.


Pain runs through her neck for an instant, which changed into a tired expression. Blood already started overflowing from the bite.

Fian and Claire stared motionlessly at this act and were speechless.

Overcome with the taste, Sheriana continued to drink blood for a while. At last, Alysia, whose body was numb, tumbled in bed with Sheriana.

“Oh, my bed…”

Alysia had taken Fian’s bed once again. There was already a bloodstain on the sheets and the quiet breathing of sleeping could be heard.

“To have ended up sleeping…Sheriana…may I also stay here today??”
“Well, OK.”

Sheriana and Claire, who had only come to play will stay in this room after all. Claire thought of Alysia in particular, who would be seriously tired in the morning.


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