01-09 – To school

TL: Thatguywhosthere

It was the dawn of January 9th. For the sake of going to magic school from this day onward, she boarded a carriage. Because she was usually diving into her soft bed at this time, she rubbed her drowsy eyes.

Because of the school’s dress code, or from the fact that what she was currently wearing was now to her liking, she wore a long one-piece skirt. It’s whole colour was a simple black, similar to the one twos days ago which had become ragged due to the incident.

As for the ride on the carriage, the luggage which was two suitcases was not in the carrier, but was placed under her seat. With a wide breadth, the seat, as it is, was enough to lie down and sleep on. On the opposite side facing the seat, there was also a desk with a size where you could open a grimoire in the centre.

She sat down again and again to make sure it was comfortable and cozy, and leaned from the window to her parents who were standing.

“Mother, father, I’ll be going…sleepy.”
“Maybe you could get some sleep in the carriage?”
“No good…this coachman was also sent by the King, and is suspicious.”
“Being so doubtful…”

Her father was overly cautious over Alysia, but because she was on the verge of death, it couldn’t be helped.

“Have a good time at school. Take care!”
“I understand, I’m off!”

The carriage received the voice of Alysia, and began to slowly move. She kept waving her hand while sticking her body out of the window until she couldn’t see her parents anymore.

After that, she opened the grimoire and put the quill on the desk, and watched the immense grassy plain from the window which continued to the horizon endlessly. Occasionally, she took the quill pen in her hand and wrote down techniques and ideas in the grimoire as she thought of them. She had the intention of doing so until she arrived to school.

What kinds of things were waiting ahead at school in a day? Alysia could only be filled with expectation.

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