This is something I wrote myself. After translating last time somehow I felt like writing something so I wrote a fanfic to SAO. I’ve never really written anything myself, except some essays for my English class. I don’t think I’m good at it either.

So I decided to just post it here and see if I should continue~
Feel free to comment and give your opinion.

I didn’t understand, I didn’t understand what was going on at all. I was suddenly teleported to the town centre, and with the sky turning completely red, a giant creature clad in red who claimed to be the GM suddenly appeared.

That alone didn’t surprise me. However, what came from his mouth was more than shocking. Obviously, I refused to believe him at first. I believe I was panicking. Blood was rushing into my head. ‘Is he crazy?’ I thought over and over. Everything felt like a dream. Only one word etched deeply into my mind. “If you die in this game, you die for real”.

‘Did I perhaps hear that wrong?’ I wanted to think like that. Even though I could say that I’m quite fluent enough in Japanese to live here without problem, I’m still not a native speaker. However, I realised that wasn’t the case when everyone started screaming and swearing at the GM who seemed to have lost his mind. I still couldn’t believe it, lost in my own thought. I knew that I wasn’t alone in that regard. “You have to beat all 100 floors or else you’ll be trapped here forever”. Crazy, totally crazy. But for some reason my blood was boiling. I was ashamed to say that, I was actually excited.

‘It couldn’t be that bad right?’ thoughts like that welled up inside me. Isn’t being trapped inside a giant floating castle, a pseudo-fantasy world, every gamers’ dream? I often read this kind of fiction and watch it in anime. Though I couldn’t be more wrong, and it was too late to realise later. Next, the GM told us that every avatar would be reverted to, as close as possible to our real self. Using the calibration data from the nerve gear, an avatar based on our real appearances would be generated.

Everyone started shining and when the light dissipated, avatars which looked completely different, or some quite similar from their original avatars appeared. People who chose to look younger, or older, were exposed. Some were totally hilarious, as cross players were caught red handed and everyone was screaming at each other. “You were a guy?!” Even in this tense situation it still made me grin. However, that smile didn’t last long.

It didn’t take long for me to notice that everyone was staring at me. ‘Are they looking at me? My appearance couldn’t be that bad right? I’m not handsome but I’m not ugly either. At least I believe I’m not.’ I looked around wishing I was wrong, but I can still see people, especially boys, sneaking glances at me.

On a sudden epiphany, I quickly took a mirror out of my inventory and took a good look at my face. A jet-black long lustrous hair, a dazzlingly beautiful but cute face, almost bewitching, and a fair white skin akin to a princess. Big black eyes that charms anyone, and a pair of soft lips which can’t be more alluring. An exquisite foreign face of a stunningly pretty girl was reflected in the mirror.




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