As the title says, a new project is coming up for this blog!

A WN translation. As you all know, Le Festin is going to finish in a couple chapters, about 18 chapters, and it was sadly abandoned by the author in a way, that it never actually had proper ending. While contemplating on whether I should continue or start a new project, or might as well finish it up and start on a new one, someone recommended me an interesting WN.

It’s a TG novel. Well, I’m mostly interested in TG so I might only be translating TG WNs.

In case you’re wondering why the translation suddenly became so high quality, the first two chapters were done by Este-oniichan. In case you don’t know he’s a certain holy sheeprabbit who owns a TL blog called oniichanyamete, well you’ve most likely heard of him, but just in case.

“I’m OP, but I Began an Inn”

I will be making the page soon, and upload the remaining chapters, and continue as usual.

Hope everyone likes it ~(^_^)

Chapter 1 here~ 

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